Is Belisama’s “Dry”?


Belisama’s is not dry, but the following rules are strictly enforced. Failure to follow them will wear out your welcome very quickly: Alcohol (and other recreational drugs) are NOT to be consumed during day visits

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During your stay


Areas of the Retreat may be closed for safety reasons. Out of bounds areas will be communicated to you when you arrive. The communal fire acts as a focal point and is for all to

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What are my responsibilities?


Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints. Please be courteous and respect other people, treating them as you would expect in return. Our Veterans have earned that. If you are responsible for minors, vulnerable

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How fit do I have to be?


You don't have to be that fit but the Retreat is a wild location with rough, steep ground so take precautions appropriate to your condition. Feel free to discuss any medical conditions with us in

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Are dogs allowed at Belisama’s Retreat?


Dogs are welcome but you must first ask permission. They must be kept under control. Bear in mind that there may be other dogs present. We also have populations of badgers, deer, foxes, otters, gamebirds,

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What clothes and equipment do I need?


When visiting Belisama’s wear good boots boots offering adequate ankle support and outdoor clothing appropriate for the prevailing weather. You'll probably get muddy so don't wear your best frock. Plan to be completely self-sufficient during

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Can I just turn up at Belisama’s Retreat?


No. Once a Veteran has introduced themselves and provided proof of service we will give them a site orientation. Both this initial registration and subsequent visits can be booked here. Access to the Retreat for

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