Belisama’s is not dry, but the following rules are strictly enforced. Failure to follow them will wear out your welcome very quickly:

  1. Alcohol (and other recreational drugs) are NOT to be consumed during day visits to the Retreat. End of.
  2. That said, after a productive day it is not unreasonable, for those who wish, to down a few well-earned beers around the campfire of an evening before bedding down.
  3. The management decides when the “Sun is over the yard arm” and if you do drink, you will do so with consideration for others.
  4. Consider the risks of hand tools, fire, water, and rough ground. It is your responsibly to stay in control. If you can’t handle it, don’t drink it!
  5. We understand that some veterans have their own battles and may feel uncomfortable being around alcohol. If this is the case, we would really like to know so we can put you at ease and help where we can. Group bookings can be designated as dry. Just request this when you book.