1. Areas of the Retreat may be closed for safety reasons. Out of bounds areas will be communicated to you when you arrive.
  2. The communal fire acts as a focal point and is for all to use. Please assist in gathering and cutting firewood
  3. We do have a water supply, but it requires filtering and boiling before drinking. Please help as directed.
  4. Cutting tools such as knives, axes & saws are in continuous use. Use them at your own risk. If you do not know how to use them safely, please tell us and we can show you. Do not be offended if we critique your skills.
  5. Personal first aid kits should be used for minor scrapes & cuts but more comprehensive first aid kits (containing trauma supplies) are located at both the top and bottom camps. They are red and will in plain view.
  6. Unless advertised for a specific event, food will not be provided. That said, there is often an informal Jacob’s table if you fancy sharing your feast?
  7. Mobile reception is patchy at best. Phone calls are usually possible but do not assume you will have a data connection.
  8. We occasionally have trespassers. Ask them politely to leave and inform either Paul or Steve immediately.
  9. Keep things tidy and remove EVERYTHING when you leave.

The following rules apply to all and are non-negotiable.

  1. You will keep the Retreat’s location in complete confidence
  2. You will treat both other visitors and mother nature with respect
  3. You will tidy up after yourself and take your litter home
  4. You will leave NOTHING at the Retreat without prior permission. This includes both foodstuffs & equipment
  5. You will not build structures, hunt, trap, or fish without prior permission
  6. You accept full responsibility for your own safety plus the safety of other visitors you care for
  7. You will adhere to Belisama’s policy on alcohol and recreational drugs