1. When visiting Belisama’s wear good boots boots offering adequate ankle support and outdoor clothing appropriate for the prevailing weather. You’ll probably get muddy so don’t wear your best frock.
  2. Plan to be completely self-sufficient during your stay. Bring food, brew kit, plenty of water, a mug and spoon. A small personal first aid kit is mandatory as is a bin bag is so you can take your litter away with you!
  3. Self-sufficiency is critical on overnight stays. You will need a sleeping bag, basha, hammock & tarp or, tent. Bear in mind that flat ground is at a premium and is usually muddy. There is nothing to say that a dry shelter will be available during your stay. Some method of heating water and food is essential. If you are confident you can light a fire, bring the means to do so. If you are not, then bring a small camping stove.
  4. If you take regular medication, make sure to bring adequate supplies.
  5. The path down to the river is steep so pack carefully and leave out the kitchen sink as anything you carry in; you will be carrying out again. “Pack it in; pack it out”!