Belisama’s Retreat CIC

Reg number: 11427261

Woodland retreat for Veteran’s well-being located in secluded woodland on the banks of the river Ribble, Lancashire.

Improving mental & physical well-being in the armed forces community through re-engagement with wild spaces.



Respite from the modern world

Space to breathe, shared experience. Kindred spirits.

Bushcraft skills, campfire cooking, wilderness exploration.

Belisama’s Retreat is the brain child of British Army Veteran, J P Marriott:

“I got the idea from talking with a former colleague battling with PTSD after serving in Iraq. Escaping into the woods gave him respite from his symptoms and it was working for me too. So I thought: I have to share the woods with other Veterans and give them somewhere to escape to, set up a basha and get back to basics”.

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